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Translational medicine and neurogenetics

The Department of Translational medicine and Neurogenetics is composed of teams that share a major focus in analyzing genes, cellular mechanisms or complex physiological functions relevant to common or rare diseases, especially diseases affecting the nervous system or the muscle, in order to understand important normal functions, pathomechanims and develop novel therapeutic strategies. On the neurobiology side a major focus is on the function of neuromodulatory systems (notably opioid receptors and associated  pathways) in complex behaviors such as addiction, emotional behaviors and the control of pain. One team analyses the genes implicated in specific phenotypes of trisomy 21, and more recently, other microdeletion syndromes, through specially designed mouse models. One team investigates signaling mechanisms leading to atherothrombosis, and in particular plaque inflammation and rupture.
Six teams constitute the human genetics component focused on deciphering the mechanisms underlying several monogenic diseases. Projects include the identification of genes involved and of their mutations, notably using high-throughput sequencing approaches and developing diagnostic applications, analysis of the normal function of cognate proteins and pathomechanisms responsible for the clinical phenotype, as a prerequisite for the development of therapeutic strategies, including gene therapy.
The Department has strong links to the Faculty of Medicine, the Strasbourg Academic Hospital (CHU)  and the Faculty of Pharmacy, and with the Institut Clinique de la Souris, and strong cooperations with clinicians, patients associations and the pharmaceutical industry.

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