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Integrated structural Biology

Regulation of transcription

The first step in expressing genetic information - the conversion of DNA into RNA - is a process called transcription. A universally conserved multi-subunit protein enzyme called RNA polymerase carries out transcription. In recent years it became more and more apparent that a lot of regulation takes place during the elongation phase in both prokaryotes and eukaryotes. The research in our group tries to answer how transcription is regulated in a structural and mechanistic way. In particular we focus on regulation during the elongation phase of transcription by protein factors and non-coding RNAs.


Since the core architecture and basic mechanisms are universally conserved we start by using bacterial RNA polymerase elongation complexes as our model. By combining molecular biology, and biochemistry with X-ray crystallography we will gain an understanding of these processes at the molecular and atomic level.


More specifically, we look at RNA polymerase elongation complexes bound to transcription factors, which:

    - modulate the elongation rate by stabilizing RNA polymerase in a state of pausing (i.e. temporarily stopping catalysis),
    - modify RNA polymerase so it is resistant to termination signals, and
    - affect the overall rate of transcription


The group is also interested in the structural basis for the coupling of transcription and translation in bacteria as well as studying how non-coding RNAs can affect RNA polymerase. 

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