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Development and stem cells

Roles of retinoic acid in nervous system development and physiology

Development of the vertebrate nervous system results from an interplay between all major embryonic signaling pathways and requires coordination of many embryonic events including axial patterning, lateral inhibition, progenitor fate determination, axonal guidance, and ectomesenchymal transformation giving rise to neural crest. Sensory systems are formed by direct out-growth and evagination of brain neuroepithelium in the case of the retina, and the inductive processes leading to the formation of ectodermal placodes generating the lens, the embryonic inner ear (otocyst), and the prospective olfactory epithelium. Our team is interested in deciphering some of the highly pleiotropic functions of the vitamin A derivative retinoic acid, and its nuclear receptors (RARs/RXRs), in these processes. We are using the mouse and chicken systems to invalidate specific actors of this signaling pathway using targeted gene inactivation, as well as pharmacological and siRNA approaches. This work permits us to show that the fine tuning of the activity of two classes of enzymes catalyzing the synthesis (retinaldehyde dehydrogenases), or the catabolism (CYP26 cytochromes), of retinoic acid in specific cell populations, is critical for the development of the central nervous and sensory systems.

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