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750 employees
45 nationalities
55 research teams
16 ERC laureates
260 publications per year
24000 m² lab area

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72 patents since 1995
11 licenses obtained since 2000
4 spin-off

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Technology transfer


Since its foundation, the IGBMC or its researchers have contributed to the creation of several companies : :


In 1979, Pierre Chambon co-founded Transgene, a company that designs and develops immunotherapy products for the treatment of cancers and chronic infectious diseases.


The AliX company created in 2002 is a spin-off which emerged from the IGBMC structural biology program. Since its merger with Novalyst, the company has been rebaptised NovAliX and offers its services to the pharmaceutical industry for the integrated development of drug candidates.


PhenoPro is a spin-off of the IGBMC and the Mouse Clinical Institute specialised in mouse phenotyping for research in translational medicine. The company was created in 2007 and is hosted on the IGBMC campus.


The research conducted at the Institute in the field of bioinformatics led to the creation in 2009 of the Bionext company, an integrated bioinformatics platform which facilitates the discovery and the development of innovative compounds for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

In 2011, the Anagenesis start-up has come into being, not to mention Epigex and Ring Tech, two more start-ups, which are currently incubated.

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