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IGBMC call for group leaders positions in Bioinformatics

June 2, 2015

IGBMC is recruiting up to 4 new group leaders in Bioinformatics with support from the Laboratory of Excellence (LabEx INRT) initiative.

  • Application deadline: 3 August 2015.

  • Interviews: 24 & 25 September 2015.

 New groups are expected to start in 2016.

One of the leading biomedical research centres in Europe, the IGBMC brings together more than 700 researchers, PhD students and scientific staff grouped in 50 research teams and over a dozen of scientific platforms and core facilities.

The IGBMC is dedicated to fundamental and applied research in life sciences, ranging from structural biology to human genetics, regulation of gene expression, biophysics and stem cells.

Its scientific activities are organized in 4 departments: Development and Stem cells, Integrated Structural Biology, Functional Genomics and Cancer, and Translational Medicine and Neurogenetics.

As part of an initiative to strengthen research and to develop data analyses, up to 4 group leader positions in Bioinformatics are open at IGBMC with support from the Laboratory of Excellence (LabEx INRT) initiative.


Successful applicants will develop research projects complementary to current IGBMC research.

We are seeking:

  • A group leader working on bioinformatics and computational methods for systems biology approaches to explore genome organisation and regulation of gene expression, integrating NGS and/or other techniques to be hired in the Functional Genomics and Cancer department.

  • A group leader developing a research project on bioinformatics and large-scale analysis dedicated to human pathologies, with emphasis on NGS based approaches to human genetics and/or systems biology in model organisms to be recruited in the Translational Medicine and Neurogenetics department.

  •  One or two additional group leaders will be recruited in the areas listed above and/or in the areas of quantitative cellular and tissue image analysis of advanced photonic and/or electron microscopy 3-D imaging, or multidisciplinary integration of image analyses, transcriptomics, genomics, and/or phenotyping data.

Successful candidates are expected to develop ambitious, innovative and collaborative research programs, should have an outstanding track record and are expected to build privileged links with existing bioinformatics activities at IGBMC as well as with the existing teams, scientific platforms, and computing support.

It is anticipated that new groups will participate in local, national and European bioinformatics initiatives.
A start-up package will be provided to the appointed group leaders, and successful candidates will benefit from office space and access to the IGBMC and local university computing facilities.

Applications from both junior and senior investigators will be considered. New groups are expected to start in 2016.

Your application should be a single PDF file containing a curriculum vitae, a list of publications, names and contact details of three referees, a brief description (2 to 4 pages) of past achievements and a detailed description (4 to 5 pages) of future research plans.

Applications must be sent to Labex-INRT@igbmc.fr, subject line : LabEx 08

Application deadline: 3 August 2015.
Interviews: 24 & 25 September 2015.


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