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IGBMC call for Group leader positions in Development & Stem Cells

June 11, 2014

The Development and Stem Cells (DSC) Department of IGBMC is recruiting new group leaders with support from the Laboratory of Excellence (LabEx) initiative.

The department addresses how signals, genetic and biophysical mechanisms underlie developmental processes, and utilises several model organisms including yeast, C. elegans, Drosophila, zebrafish, and mouse. Overall, the DSC groups apply a large repertoire of state of the art methods in imaging, genetics, genomics and biophysics, promoting interdisciplinary and cross-organism collaborations in a highly stimulating environment.

The Department is welcoming applications for group leader positions, both at the junior and confirmed levels, in order to complement and extend its research programs. We encourage applications favoring synergy and scientific coherence within the department through the integration of new and original approaches that will create both conceptual and technical interfaces. We aim to strengthen the following research axes:

Stem cell fate, control of cellular identity and organogenesis. Candidates specialising in the field of stem cells in the context of development, cell biology, regeneration or ageing are encouraged to apply. Addressing questions pertaining to stem cell biology using model organisms are particularly welcomed.

Physics of biological systems in cellular and developmental biology. We aim to foster the area of quantitative biology, with a specific focus on cellular and developmental biology.  Scientists with a strong training in either Physics, Mathematics or Computational Sciences, addressing fundamental biological questions at the theoretical and/or experimental levels are encouraged to apply. Applications from biologists who aim at probing cell physiology quantitatively to propose and test models of complex cell and/or organism functions will also be considered.

The candidates should be dynamic investigators with an excellent track record. They must have a strong potential to independently develop innovative research programs and be keen to drive ambitious collaborations within the department and beyond. A start up package will be provided, and selected group leaders will be assisted in obtaining permanent tenured positions and in securing funding through competitive grant calls.

Your application : Expression of interest will include, in a single PDF file, a curriculum vitae, a list of
publications, names and contact of three referees, a brief description (1-2 pages) of past achievements
and a description (2-4 pages) of future research.

Applications must be sent to Labex-INRT@igbmc.fr, subject line : LabEx 05.

Application deadline: 30 September 2014. Interviews: December 2014 - January 2015.

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