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Translational medicine and neurogenetics

Opioid systems and brain function

Opiates have been used for thousands of years for their pain-relieving and rewarding properties. Opiates produce their potent effects by activating opioid receptors in the brain, thereby highjacking a complex neuromodulatory system. Opioid receptors (mu, delta, kappa) are normally stimulated by endogenous peptides to control pain and stress responses, as well as emotional and addictive behaviors. Our goal is to tackle the role of opioid and related neuropeptide systems in brain physiology, as well as neurological and psychiatric disorders. We address molecular mechanisms underlying the development of chronic pain and investigate molecular adaptations that develop under repeated exposure to drugs of abuse, and contribute to relapse. We explore potential roles of these receptors in other areas of psychiatric disorders, and identify neurons where the receptors operate to control behavioral responses. Finally, we use genome-wide approaches to discover novel molecular targets for drug abuse research, and have initiated functional in vivo studies for novel orphan receptors. Our laboratory uses gene targeting approaches in mice (knockout, conditional knockout and knock-in), behavioral analysis, pharmacology, as well as receptor and cellular imaging to achieve these goals.

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