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    Bohdan WASYLYK

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    Naimah ZEIN

Functional genomics and cancer

Molecular and cellular biology of cancer

Increased understanding of biological pathways has led to the identification of particular processes that are usurped during the multistep development of human tumours. These processes include sustaining proliferative signalling, evading growth suppressors, resisting cell death, enabling replicative immortality, inducing angiogenesis, and activating invasion and metastasis. Important roles are played by genomic instability, inflammation, altered energy metabolism, evasion of immune destruction, and the tumour microenvironment. However, we are still far from understanding the mechanisms sufficiently to rationalise normal biological processes and to identify key events that can be used to treat human cancer. Our objectives are to acquire knowledge about biological processes that are relevant to human cancer, and to use that knowledge to initiate translation to the clinic. We have focussed on novel genes that have not been described or analysed previously, in order to extend knowledge beyond the over-studied, popular highways of discovery.

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