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    Didier DEVYS

    Laszlo TORA

    Stéphane VINCENT

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    Farrah EL SAAFIN

    Ivanka KAMENOVA

    Nikolaos VOSNAKIS

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    Paul BARDOT

    Sascha CONIC

    Federica EVANGELISTA



    Changwei YU

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    Elisabeth SCHEER

    Matthieu STIERLE

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    Véronique FISCHER

    Angeliki PLATANIA


Functional genomics and cancer

Dynamics of chromatin structure and transcription regulation

Over the past years our lab has identified and characterized a large number of metazoan nuclear transcription factors. These regulatory proteins include RNA polymerase II initiation factors and co-activators that often form large multi-subunit complexes at promoter DNA to mediate transcription initiation and/or modify the epigenetic landscape of the genome. Our studies demonstrate that large co-activator complexes play a critical role in mediating general and cell type specific transcription as well as chromatin-regulatory processes. Our main research interest is to study the nature of the molecular machineries and mechanisms that control how specific protein coding genes are turned on and off in the nucleus of a given cell, during growth, differentiation and development, and how does disruption of this highly regulated process lead to various disease states We use biochemical, genetic, cell biology, imaging and structural approaches to study the control of gene expression, genome stability and chromatin architecture in different eukaryotic organisms (yeast, mouse and human). Our current and planned activities aim to better understand regulatory processes in different cellular systems under physiological conditions and also during the development of intact vertebrate organisms.

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