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Post Doc - P. Dollé Team

Reference : IGBMC / Post doc W.K.

Offer publication : June 27, 2018

New targets and pathways in neuroprotection.

PROJECT: The project aims at identifying new mechanisms of neurodegeneration with the main focus on small bioactive molecules, which deficits have been found in several neurodegenerative diseases including Alzheimer or Parkinson disease. Such bioactive molecules act frequently as ligands for transcription factors and are important for adaptive reprogramming of the organism in challenge conditions, but their study is impeded due to lack of appropriate tools. We propose to use newly developed bioprobes to visualize such molecules and study their intracellular traffic and its relevance for cell physiology and pathology. The same tools will be also employed to study inter-cellular traffic as new means of activity-dependent cellular communication. Such studies will be carried out in vivo in mouse and using primary cell cultures with major focus on neuron-astrocyte-microglia circuit. The relevance for neurodegeneration will be addressed using mouse models relevant to Alzheimer and Parkinson diseases. To gain insight into molecular mechanisms controlling the traffic of bioactive molecules and its dysfunction during neurodegeneration, will also be employed proteomics and diverse imaging approaches, starting from in vivo imaging to high-resolution imaging. Through better understanding of mechanisms involved in neurodegeneration, we also plan to propose novel strategies of neuroprotection. Testing neuroprotective activities of synthetic or newly discovered endogenous ligands of retinoid receptors is also envisaged and should highlight new pharmacological or nutritional strategies in prevention or treatment of neurodegenerative diseases.

We are looking for highly motivated post-doctoral fellow, with good English level and background in cellular biology and cellular communication (neuron-astrocyte-microglia). Sound experience in life or confocal imaging will be very useful. Although any technical expertise in molecular biology, primary cell cultures, imaging can be acquired in the team, any previous experience in these techniques will be of benefit. The candidate should be willing to bring personal input to the challenging multidisciplinary project, write scientific papers, contribute to preparation of research grants and participate in animating team’s life.

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