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Hematopoiesis And Metabolism In Flies

Reference : PhD Angela Giangrande

The importance of myeloid cell activity in metabolic homeostasis and accompanying disorders is now well acknowledged. However, we still lack data on the developmental origin of immune cells in governing their global metabolism. This research proposal aims to conduct a cohesive understanding of hematopoiesis with specific emphasis on their origin and associated functions allied to metabolic homeostasis in animal physiology. Being a question of broader relevance, but given the nature of complexity it may not be easily addressed in a vertebrate system. We will utilize the Drosophila hematopoietic model to establish a genetically tractable platform to explore this in detail.


The overarching goal of this effort is to decipher conserved molecular mechanisms underlying myeloid development and homeostasis in global metabolic physiology and to truly understand the cross talk between immune cells and the organism. This is part of an Indo-French collaborative project.

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