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Post Doc - R. Ricci Team

Reference : IGBMC - Post doc RR

The laboratory of Dr. Ricci offers a postdoc position to work on lysosomal functions in pancreatic beta cells. The project is based on our recent study, in which we describe for the first time targeting of insulin granules to lysosomes independent of autophagy (Goginashvili et al. 2015 Science). The aim of the project is to unveil novel cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying lysosomal targeting and degradation of insulin granules.


Ideally, the candidate should have a strong background in fundamental cell biology (membrane trafficking in general, autophagy, lysosomal biology). Experimental approaches include setting-up a highthroughput genome-wide cellular screen using CRISPR Cas9-mediated gene editing, usage of super-resolution imaging (3D SIM) as well as advanced electron microscopy techniques (CLEM, FIB-SEM). The candidate will also be given the opportunity to put identified fundamental mechanisms in the context of beta cell function, physiology and pathophysiology of type 2 diabetes in direct collaboration with current international members of the laboratory and clinicians at the hospital.

The candidate is expected to have at least one first-author paper in preparation for or already published in a leading cell biology journal during her/his PhD thesis. Preference may be given to international candidates directly or shortly after their PhD thesis.

The candidate will initially be appointed for one year with the possibility to extend the contract for two more years. A competitive postdoc salary according to French governmental terms and the candidate’s experience will be offered. The candidate is, however, expected to apply for her/his own fellowship. The candidate will have access to all IGBMC facilities including state-of-the-art core platforms for cellular screens and imaging. The candidate will also be offered technical help in the laboratory and supervision of at least one PhD student.

Required skills and abilities

Languages :

Use of English : 3


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Your application

Interested candidates should send their motivation letters, CV and contact details of at least three former supervisors directly to Dr. Ricci (romeo.ricci@igbmc.fr) latest on November 30 2017. Further information about the position can be provided upon mail request.

Application Deadline : Nov. 30, 2017