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The role of cytoskeleton in mechanical responses and shape stability of axons

Raman Research Institute, Bangalore, India

Thursday, September 19th 2019 - 11 a.m. - Meeting room 1005, IGBMC
Hosted by Daniel RIVELINE

Axons of neuronal cells can grow to extreme lengths, and hence they are subjected to various mechanical challenges. Moreover, these structures are vulnerable to age related or injury-induced degeneration which results in axonal atrophy. In this talk, we will explore the roles played by the different elements of the axonal cytoskeleton in imparting mechanical stability to axons and how this stability may be affected under induced degenerative conditions. More specifically, we will discuss studies on axonal responses to stretch and how the actin-spectrin cortical skeleton may act as "shock absorbers" to buffer excess tension. We will also discuss induced shape instabilities, like axonal beading and retraction, and discus the possible mechanisms behind such shape evolution which lead to axonal atrophy.


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