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Deconstructing 22q11.2 copy number variants into dimensions of schizophrenia and autism

Pr Noboru HIROI
Albert Einstein College of Medicine, États-Unis

lundi 16 octobre 2017 - 11h00 - Auditorium, IGBMC
Invité(e) par Yann HERAULT

Various cognitive capacities, such as executive functions and social cognition, continually develop from childhood to adulthood and the developmental trajectories of these dimensions derail in individuals with neuropsychiatric disorders. However, it is not well understood how such atypical cognitive dimensions contribute to the onset of neuropsychiatric disorders. Moreover, the mechanistic basis through which genetic variants determine the trajectories of cognitive dimensions is still poorly understood. Knowledge of these two aspects is essential to develop mechanism-based therapeutic options. I will present the latest advances in our understanding of 1) how variants of individual genes encoded in human chromosome 22q11.2 alter the developmental trajectories of cognitive dimensions and 2) potential neuronal substrates underlying such processes in mouse and cell models. 

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